Chargers/Bengals 13′ Playoffs

It’s Friday before the WildCard Playoff Weekend. Here I am, a dedicated die hard Charger Fanatic recently moved to the East Coast. Chasing the American Dream of starting fresh and wanting to start a family in the process. It is killing me not to be in San Diego to watch this game with my buddies. I have suffered the last few weeks trying to watch the Charger game here on the East Coast. The last 2 games I have had to watch the scores on my Yahoo Fantasy Football Stat Tracker. The I heart radio does not work as advertised. S.D.’s Rock 105.3 switches to music minutes before kickoff. What kind of F’d up BS is THAT!!! Next is 1360 AM sports radio for San Diego and they play the Fox Sports National Radio show. Why would I want to listen to my local radio station for the national program. Hello, Hello, Anybody home…Think McFly Think. I Heart Radio SUCKS!!!! I have found a website to watch all sports for free. No, i will not give out that info. That is sacred stuff. I don’t want to lose it. The hotel’s wifi decided to not work properly, so thankfully I’m bald because if I had hair, I would be pulling it out in frustration to watch or hear my Chargers play.

As we speak I am snowed in at a hotel in New Jersey, while my wife and I have been hunting for a NYC apartment. 16 degrees outside. The Chargers are in for some cold temperatures in Cincinnati this weekend. It is expected to be 33 degrees, snow, mixed in with some rain. That is great Football weather. Playing Football in the snow is where legends are born in the Playoffs. As a Born and Raised San Diegan, I can say that the cold sucks. They have in the past, had a few Navy Seals come in and talk to the team. They said, first thing in the morning is jump into a cold shower. Embrace the cold. Get used to the shock factor. Toughen up. The Chargers will need to “Man Up and FIght”. I believe they will. This team is learning week by week how they needs to win games both on Offense and Defense.

Last game it looked like we played nervous. The K.C. Chiefs back-ups ran all over us. The pressure showed in the teams play. Fortunately we found a way to win. This game will not be against the back-ups. The Bengals have not lost at home this regular season. Last time we played the Bengals, we made to many mental mistakes. Even then, we still had a chance to win. If we play the way I believe this team can play, snow or no snow, WE WILL WIN!!!

Its going to be close, down to who has the ball last…Chargers Win Baby! 28-24


Happy New Year!!! 2014 will be an Amazing Year!

Happy New Year Everybody! 2014 will be an Amazing Year! I can feel it! Always great to start fresh, clean slate to a new year and to a new self. We all make New Year’s resolutions. The important ones we strive to make it happen, some we fall short.

I myself have fallen into the short resolutions and expectations lately. I have gotten mentally lazy. No bueno. I have to step it up and make it happen. Writing the blog has and is always fun. Never knew I had it in me to write.

Another thing, The Chargers Are In The Playoffs!!! Hell yeah!!! It’s been 3 years of Norv “vanilla play calling” Turner ruining our chances down the stretch. Love the way Ken “the Wiz” Whisenhunt is running the show and letting Philip Rivers control the line. This team has perfected the long drive. Now, what they need to do, is finish those long drives with TouchDowns.

When the 2013 San Diego Chargers are playing their brand of football…They can beat anyone! The Offense can move the ball on everyone. The Defense is not the best in the league by a long shot…but they make game changing plays when we need them to.

Let the 2013 San Diego Chargers change this franchise forever and the San Diego community and its fans with a Super Bowl run and VICTORY!!! GO Chargers!!!

2013 Del Mar Mud Run!!!

This past Saturday Oct 5th, my wife and I took on the 2013 Del Mar Mud Run.  It was a blast!!!  If you haven’t tried one, you should.  Mud Run’s are worth it.  It’s not about winning the event, it’s about us having a filthy good time.  The run went by pretty fast.  You really have to enjoy the moment.  We sure did.  The first obstacle gets right to it, get down and dirty.  Making us crawl on our hands and knees.  We are soaked in mud head to toe.   The second obstacle, more of the same, get down on your hands and knees and crawl through the muck.  That has fun written all over it.  Brings me back to a kid playing in the mud, this time not getting in trouble for it.  Other obstacle’s include a 15ft. mud hill to run up and over, a football field long of slushy muck to try and run through, Rope Swing over slush, Monkey Bars over more slush, Crawling through a small tube up hill, Hopping over a fence up a hill, Rope Climbing up a Mud hill, Sliding down a huge tarp into a mud pit.   

I am a fan for life.  Too much fun is to be had when it involves mud and the many ways of playing in it.  A big Thanks to all those involved in making those events happen.  We truly appreciate it!  



I’m Back!!!! 2-2 n 2 plays away from 4-0

I know your giddy to no end because you read the headline….I’m Back!!!!  After a long hiatus from lazily sitting on my arse and not blogging, I have returned!!!

Ok.  So much has happened in the sports world since my last post.  None of that matters.  The Chargers sent me into sports induced depression.  Last season was miserable.  Every week, same old story.  Finding new and unusual ways to lose.

The day the Chargers fired both A.J. and Norv, we were moving in the right direction.  Hiring young guns Tom Telesco and Mike Mccoy.  Both have made immediate impacts.

Telesco has been scouring the football yellowpages for players to bring in to a team in desperate need of depth.  He has done the best he can with what he can work with.

Mccoy has preached about being prepared.  Not skipping the tiniest of details.  The players are buying into that.  He has stuck to his word with letting the coach’s coach.  Not taking control of the play calling duties.   Which leads to my next thought.

The X Factor hire for me is Ken Whisenhunt.  HIs play-calling has taken him to 2 Super Bowls and winning one as O-C of the Steelers.  Not a bad resume.  Very surprised we got him as fast as we did.  I like everything I heard when Tommy T, Mccoy, and Whizzy talked about choosing the Chargers over the other teams…They like what they saw with our QB.

Rivers is the reason all these men have come in work for this organization. His football IQ is up there amongst the best in the game.  Norv never let him exercise his talents.  Plays coming in too late.  Same old vanilla offense every week.  Norv could not handle all that responsibility of being a HC and OC.  Being a leader of men is not Norv’s forte.  He sucked.  Rivers knows the game of football.  The Chargers coach’s have seen the light, let him  play what he knows best.  Football.  No restraints, No leashes, No Holds Barred.  He is a coach’s son if you didn’t know.  Love me some Philip Rivers!!!  Image

So far we are 2-2.  It could be better.  What would they be saying if we were….The biggest surprise of them all would be the Bolts at 4-0.  Every game could be a shoot out for us to win.  We have been heavily hit by the injury bug this year.  The team has bought into the next man up has to step up and play.  We are learning from our mistakes this year.

The Award for the best Choke Artists goes to….

The San Diego Chargers.  The Chargers have gone to a new low.  So low that it has never been done before  in the history of Football.  They blew a 24 pt. lead to end up losing by 11.  WTF?  35-24  I never felt safe with this lead. The Chargers have never given us a sense of security when they play a game.  The always leave the opponents a chance to come back.

This is by far the worst CHOKE JOB I have ever witnessed.  I can not recall a single worst performance….EVER!  We can not single out one player (RIvers) or coach (Norv) to blame. This goes to EVERYONE OF YOU!!!  Was Shaun Philips already planning his after party at Bar West in P.B. at halftime?  Was the whole team thinking of joining his stupid lil post-game celebration?

Philip Rivers, you look like a dear in headlights out there.  Where’s the man we know you to be?  You have turned into a Matt Cassel or a Brady Quinn at best.  When we watched this game unfold, all I saw when we took the field on offense was Rivers holding his head down, NO FIRE, No Passion to motivate the rest of this team.  Norv, do you have any self pride?  What was the halftime speech?  Did it go something like this…..

“Men,  Let’s go make history tonight.  Let’s show the world who we really are…Chokers!  Let’s get embarrassed on National T.V.  Leave your pride in the locker room where it belongs.  Let’s get me fired!  I dont want to be your Head Coach anymore anyways!  I dont just want to lose, I want to lose bad!  Let’s do it for the fans, they deserve to be humiliated for cheering on a bunch of losers that we are!  Who’s with me?”

That sums it up. The rest is history.  Rivers has taken his reign of being a leader for this team right into the gutter.  We are the only team in the league that constantly shoots themselves in the foot game after game, season after freaking season.  Im tired of it.

Who wants to root for a team that is a constant disappointment.  I really getting fed up with it.   I am now taking my fandom on a rest of the season vacation.  You have lost me Chargers.  You have lost all of us…only the bandwagon BS fans will say they are fans.  The real fans know what this team is made of….GARBAGE!!!

Herbalife Challenge!

For those of you out there looking to change the way you live for the better and are  continually  not satisfied with your results with other options available…take the first step and try Herbalife.  They will change your perception on nutrition.

I have been using Herbalife products for 2 weeks now.  I was sold after the first usage.  Immediate results in the way I felt after my workout.  My first product to try was off the Herbalife 24 line, Rebuild Strength.  This stuff tastes like chocolate milk and is amazing.  My recovery time after a good workout is almost immediate.   Since I fell in love with this product immediately, I wanted to see what else they had to offer.  I grabbed some more off the 24 line.  The Formula 1 Sport is a great way to substitute for a healthy and delicious pre work out meal.  I add in some healthy greens and fruit and you have an amazing blended shake with all the vitamins and nutrients a active body needs.  I take Restore before I go to bed so I can get that extra recovery from the days workout.

I have been a GNC rat from the first time I can remember looking for protein and anything that can help me get to my fitness and nutritional goals.  I have never found the results that I have been looking for.  It is night and day the difference in energy and strength that Herbalife nutrition provides.  Adding Herbalife to my life has made me look forward to the next workout, I have to earn my next recovery drink!

My wife has seen my increased energy and mental awareness, she wanted the same.  She has since joined me, now making it our quest for a better life.   She has started with the Herbalife Quickstart program.  She was a skeptic at first.  After her first full day of following the program she noticed a change in her mental and physical being.  She has lost 5 lbs. in the first week alone.  Thats Amazing!

We are well on our way to getting where we wanna go in our health and wellness goals.  This is only the beginning.  This week we also started on the Herbalife 21 day cleanse program.  2 pills in the morning and 2 at night.  Thats it.  We have done other cleanses together in the past and they test your limits.  The “Master Cleanse” is down right scary.  No food!  No way!  I love to eat.  Who doesn’t.  Day 2, my body was already releasing the toxins rapidly.  Thats fast.  Really fast!

So, to those of you reading this you may see this as a sales pitch for Herbalife.  To each there own.  Its not.  Herbalife is not a fad.  Its not a gimmick.  Its a lifestyle.  Its nutrition at its finest.  Only the best stuff on earth easily available for everyone.  Those of you who are skeptics and afraid of trying something new, take the first and biggest step of your life and try Herbalife.  You will not regret it.  Stop spending your hard earned dollars on diets and pre-packed food loaded with preservatives.  Herbalife will change your perception of nutrition for you and your loved ones.

I love this stuff soo much that I had to become an Herbalife Distributor.  Check out my site and you have any questions, dont be afraid to ask.  I want to help.

Chargers vs Broncos on MNF!!!

If your a Charger fan and can only go to one game this year…this has to be it.  The wife and I were originally going to go to this one but we decided to go to the Falcons game since it was 2-0 vs 2-0.  Being blacked out had something to do with it too.

The Peyton Manning’s are coming to town after a nice comeback try against the hated New England Patsies.   We generally own Peyton Manning.  Since he is now a Donky, this is a different story.  We know this team very well.  The Defense for the most part is pretty solid.  Champ Bailey is highly overrated.  The LB’s are a solid bunch when they are not in trouble off the football field.

Manning’s offensive weapons dont scare anyone.  WR Demaryius Thomas is a freak of an athlete, but thats it.  With the way our DB’s have been playing the last few weeks, their WR’s  may look like studs on MNF.  If we can not cover theses simple WR’s, we will have a long game ahead of us.  The RB’s lead by the aging but ever productive Willis McGahee are still getting it done.

Offensively I see the Chargers being able to march up and down the field.  Every week Rivers and the WR’s are getting more work together.  Antonio Gates has really yet to bust onto the scene.  He’s been more of a decoy as of late.  Malcolm Floyd has been the most consistent of the bunch.  Meachum’s productivity last week was amazing!  If he can do half that per week, we will be a happy group of fans in San Diego.

Ryan Mathews.  Every week since his returns to the line up has shown great improvement. He can be the beast we know he is capable of.  He is soo dangerous when he has the ball.  Give him a few more carries and he will bust the long TD run we wanna see.

Rivers needs to play what the defense gives him.  This does not need to be fancy.  He will get his yards, his TD’s.  Dont over do it Philip.  Trust in your guys, which you do, and they will do the rest.  A great defense is a great offense.  Keep Manning off the field and not let them ever get into a flow in the game.

The Chargers Defense has played good but not great this season.  The front 7 need to have their presence felt.  The CB’s are struggling when we give any opposing QB time to pick them apart.  Playing CB is the second toughest job in the NFL.  Lets not make it harder than it has to be for our guys.  It may be time to really consider moving Jammer to Safety.  I am not an NFL player or coach.  I dont understand how hard it is to coach or train  him to turn around and look for the ball.   Maybe it just looks so simple when your not playing on the field but watching from your couch.

Come on Chargers!  Lets get some revenge on the NFL for stealing a win from us for their lil darling QB on SNF.  This time, its their 3rd favorite QB on MNF.   Bolt Up San Diego and cheer on our Chargers as they beat the Donkies 31-21 on MNF!